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Bull_Devlopment_page_compOur bulls are wintered in the 300 acre pasture shown in the picture.  The feed is on top of the hill, the water is at the bottom of the hill.  It's about half a mile round trip for them up the hill and back down.  Not to mention the aimless meandering from one end of the crick to the other that goes along with being a bull  They spend their yearling summer out on grass supplemented only with some mineral.  They come off grass mid November and are put on a growing ration with a target of 2.75 lbs of gain per day.  Most of the country they run is pretty rough.  If he's going to get lame he'll do it on my dime and not yours.
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After weaning in mid October the bull calves are put on a 75 day feed test with a target gain of 2.75 lbs per day.
     Any bull that fails to gain 2.75 lbs per day are cut.  The thought being if he can't gain like he's supposed to given the right groceries, get rid of him.
     Pushing feed on the bulls for the sake of big numbers to print in the catalog only looks good on paper.  It's not going to add to his career as a herdbull.
     So while a 3lbs ADG on test does not look impressive in some bull sale catalogs keep in mind he was only supposed to gain 2.75 with what he was given.
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