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     Flying E Angus Ranch is operated by Ryan Edwards of White River, SD.  We are located along the White River in northern Mellette County South Dakota, about 20 miles straight north of Wood. 
     We sell two year old bulls by design, not by default.  These are not yearling bulls that missed the cut for last years sale.  We feel that calving the cows in May and June and keeping the bulls until they are two is advantageous for us, but more importantly leaves a better bull when it is all said and done.  Our bulls are developed slowly with pasture and patience.  We've all bought yearling bulls that have been overfed and overdeveloped and watched them fall apart over the breeding season.  Our bulls are sorted several times and run in rough river-break country.  If our bulls were going to fall apart they would've done it long before you buy him.  We believe our two year old bulls are a sound investment.
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Two Year Old Advantage
     Most every cowboy, rancher, cattleman, or veterinarian will agree that a two year old bull is going to cover more cows and hold his body condition better than a yearling bull.
     With a two year old you don't need to worry whether or not the bull you just paid for is going grow into what you expect him to be.  He's already there.About_Flying_E_Bull_Comp
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